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Bug in BG's

@Kabam Zibiit The bug mentioned in my last post occurred in Battlegrounds. I was in the 3rd round and I used Omega Sentinel as an attacker against Sabretooth as a defender.

Currently, I am using a Samsung Galaxy A12 and AT&T as my cellular provider. This happened to me only once but it was when I was connected to my home Wi-Fi but also when I was using mobile data at the same time.

Version 36.3.1 is the version of the game I am currently running, and it is the version of the game I was running when the bug occurred.

As stated before, this happened in Battlegrounds on Thursday, October 27th, 2022, at around 9am to 10am. In the fight, both champions moved to the center, as always when starting a fight, when all of sudden they stayed in their running animation unable to move at all. For me, I could not swipe, tap, hold and release to attack or even bring up the pause screen. I was only left with the option to close the game and restart since the timer in Battlegrounds continued to count down even though neither champion could move.

I, Superstar1126, was battling against maxii salgado. Omega Sentinel (as attacker) VS. Sabretooth (as defender) in round 3 of the Battlegrounds Match. Before round 3, we were tied 1-1 with me winning the first round and losing the second. After I had restarted the game, I went back to check my match history and it had said that I had forfeited during round 3 and therefore, losing the Battlegrounds match.

I took screenshots of the "fight" at different times to show that the timer was still going down but neither champion, attacker or defender. was moving at all, just stuck in their running (or dash forward) animation.
They are below:

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