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adopt me


  • Dragoon81Dragoon81 Posts: 147 ★★
    edited October 2022
    We are Gold 1 and top 700 in AQ if you are interested reach out to Solsticedawn on line app.

  • RAVEN1815RAVEN1815 Posts: 170
    Join us alliance tag X208. We offer benefits
  • nus91nus91 Posts: 13
    I also want to adopt you. Especially with your Hulking :) line id ur-anus. Cheers
  • HBofShotsHBofShots Posts: 38
    Hey if you have line add me. Would like to talk to see if you want to join my alliance. Here is my info.


    Hi, thanks for checking us out!

    - Looking for 1 recruit to replace 1 member who is retiring after 7 years - ideally prestige over 11k. USA to UK timezones preferred.

    - LINE app req'd (separate chats for general, AQ, AW and announcements).

    - We are a relaxed and committed group, activity is important to us - alliance is over 7 years old, so we’re established and know what we’re doing. Lead by an experienced but chilled officer team.

    - AQ - always 100% complete our AQ, currently running 66666, 66666 and 66666 for the 3 groups.

    - Current typical AQ scores are 455 mil with ranking around the mid 700’s. to mid 800’s. Usually finish between 3 - 7 hours early!

    - War - we were GOLD 1 / tier 6 for last season, not far off Plat 4. War is carefully managed and we run 3bg.

    - The ally is 12.3k prestige and has a rating of approx 75 million with 30 members.

    - We always max out alliance events but have no need to set minimums, so no pressure there.

    - SA usually between 500k to 750k with special events topping us out at over 1mil.

    - We are a mature and chilled ally, no drama’s here! A great crowd of people, mostly USA, Canadian with a few UK / euro too....its a mix that seems to work really well for us.

    - Come join us if you’re active and have what it takes to be part of a great team - we’re well organised and have no time for passengers - you must be active in AQ and AW - Team X is all about the team play!!

    Repeat…must….be….active! 😁

    Join us now and find a new home for this coming AW seasons gameplay. Our turnover is low and you’ll be glad you made the choice.

    Contact either hbofshots on Line app
    HbofShoTs in game.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
  • JubesNoobsJubesNoobs Posts: 52
    Hugoboss said:

    I like war 🙂

    Hugoboss, Message me on Line or in game. We're G2. Map 5/6 in AQ.
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