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Proposed Tweaks and Changes: 2021 Edition

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In light of the rebalance program, 2021 released a handful of champions that are held back from having values or mechanics that prevent them from making the most of their kit. The proposed tweaks to America Chavez, Psycho-Man, and Super-Skrull are as follows.
Stats Based on a 5/65 5 Star:

America Chavez:

    ■ Changes to Utopian Parallel: Now extends to Regeneration Buffs.
    ■ Changes to Dimensional Energy Infusion:
    - Now gives 731.1 Attack Rating, up from 584.88 Attack Rating.
    - Now gives 550 Energy Resistance, up from 286.36 Energy Resistance.
    ■ Changes to Special Attack 2:
    - The last three hits deal a bonus 50% Energy Damage Burst for each unique Dimension active.
    - The bonus effect is no longer based on the last Dimension active, but instead is based on if that specific Dimension is active. *Meaning all effects can be active*
    - Utopian Parallel now only deals 1218.5 additional damage, down from 1946.6.
    - Dark Dimension now only heals for 7% of damage dealt, down from 12%.

The changes here are really for damage, which funnily enough is the goal of her upcoming tune-up announced as I was drafting this. That aside, the goal was to give Chavez an all-purpose Special Attack 2 for both damage and healing.


■ Changes to Special Attack 2:
- The Fury Buff now grants 3253.6 Attack Rating, up from 2324 Attack Rating.
- The Fury Buffs now refresh when launching a Special Attack and when cycling modes.
■ Changes to Special Attack 3:
- Instead of applying an effect for the opponent’s next Special Attack, inflict a passive Special Concussion for 100% Potency and Passive Weakness, reducing Attack by 50% for 22 seconds.

The changes here are small, but allow for a much better use of utility without sacrificing any damage. Get the Sp2 Fury and then have easy pickings on how you want to shut the opponent down.


■ Changes to Hypnotic Gaze - Debuff:
- Cooldown is reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Energy Vulnerability is paused for 3 seconds whenever a Receptor Buff is gained.
■ Changes to Cosmic Energy Receptors - Buff:
- Gain a charge every 1.5 seconds, up from 1 second.
- Can now store charges up to 3, up from just 1.
■ Changes to Cosmic Energy Overload - Buff:
- Gain an Unblockable Buff with +6 Armor Up Buffs, down from needing 8+.
- Gain a Nova Fists Buff with +6 Fury Buffs, down from needing 8+.

This bricked up Thing/Human Torch copycat suffered from having to need too much for damage that isn't bad. The changes here make him flow better to get his ideal buffs, but also heavily reduces the requirements for his rotations.
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