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Do the 6* themed Incursions crystals rotate?

I know the 3* crystals will rotate in a couple days, but there's no timer on the 6* crystals. Will these be changing up in a couple days as well?


  • AinyAiny Posts: 243 ★★★
    I probably missed this, but are the 6-star incursions crystals getting refreshed (with new champ pools) in a few days? Every other rarity of incursions crystals (3, 4, 5-star) have a timer except for the 6-star ones so I'm just curious as I don't remember seeing that info anywhere.
  • World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,400 ★★★★★
    Odd that there’s no timer at all on the 6* incursion crystals. Hopefully kabam will let us know what’s going on.
  • ChiliDogChiliDog Posts: 844 ★★★
    I hope not. I want that Warlock crystal. I want shorter incursion seasons.
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 1,167 ★★★★
    Hope they are much better. Would rather 15k shards to get the featured
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 574 ★★★
    @Kabam Jax
    A question and a feedback

    That was impossible to gather the incursions currency amount (81k) to buy only 1 of these 6* featured crystals. Because the incursions refresh is set monthly and my profile was stuck to the areas 7 and 8 rewards. I played the area 6 but no rewards were given, and I don’t know why (does anybody have the explanation?).
    So I started the month with 32k and finish at 15k under the required amount :-/
    As the incursions are currently designed, by starting at 0, it takes 3 months to an average veteran player to be able to buy 1 6* featured crystal.

    I wish I could buy 1 6* featured crystal because 2 of the 6 of the current batch were attractive. It is easy to guess the ones that are above the others by looking at the champions (4-5 good against 2 good on 10). It was my motivation for incursions that is more time consuming than the other activities in the game.

    With your answer, it is a disappointment and let’s hope Kabam has designed a couple of better crystals among the 6 of the next 6* featured batch.
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