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Hi all, I am after some advise. Looking to max another 5* tech champ. My only one currently is hulk buster. Currently cavalier working on next step and ariants
My options are:
Guardian sig 47
Omega senitel

Now all three are good options and may even eventually over time have them all to use for variant. But at present can only do one. Hear are my thoughts:
Guardian - great at auto blocks, hits hard and fun to play
Ghost- hits hard seems fun to play but need to learn abilities more, more takes damage easier?
Omega - if maxed rank her damage is awsome according to stats. Hits hard. Seems will take a while to learn.

I do have an awakening gem so could awaken ghost or omega

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    Go with Omega Sentinal. She is really good against Healing champs, Mutants (specially Kitty), Biohazard nodes. Good miss counter, immune nullify, stagger. I've 6* R3 Sig 120 Omega Sentinal and she is such a beast.
    Ghost needs high sig.
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