Any cool interactions with Shuri?

JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,041 ★★★★★
All of Shuri's hits are non-contact and deal energy damage. Here's some fun interactions:

1. Human Torch will get tons of smoulders.
2. Warlock power drains on every parry
3. Daredevil (Classic) will evade all of Shuri's basic attacks (I think specials too).

Anything else anyone has noticed?


  • Sw0rdMasterSw0rdMaster Posts: 1,503 ★★★★
    Ghost, just let her hit you to get the shocks and then convert them to furies.
  • Shuri would do great at not receiving Korg dmg. Electro and Attuma are in the same boat as well, I think. Angela and Cap Wilson (and maybe a couple of others) can actually still parry her. Silver Surfer is gonna have a fun time with extra burst dmg because of her shocks.
  • BGroatBGroat Posts: 1
    Havok can just sit there and melt her with plasma detonates because of all of her shock damage :)
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