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BG Rewards Delay Compensation?



  • hburns03hburns03 Posts: 74
    Shivacrux said:

    hburns03 said:

    hburns03 said:

    Compensation for what? We're getting comp for the season ending early but why on earth would you think we need comp because rewards aren't out in the time that you want them?

    If you want them sooner, they can leave the modders in the leaderboards and not worry about removing them. Would you prefer that instead?

    it was a joke bro chill lol
    You tagged kabam Miike on a "joke" requesting compensation. I doubt he will think this "joke" is funny.
    someone takes a phone game a little too serious💀

    You are in a forum that is related to a PHONE GAME
    i don't think you can say that to anyone
    yes i can bc people getting a lil too heated over something that wasn’t meant to be taken serious lol

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