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Am I ready to start Act 5>?

shut_up_heathershut_up_heather Posts: 285 ★★
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I 100%ed Act 4 before starting Act 5. (stoopid I know.) I tried 5.1.1 and I got destroyed with that Flare node. i was just wondering at my roster should I start 5.1 now or keep leveling my champs up (grind arena, EQ, practice in ROL, etc.)
I don't have a picture, but I've got:
4* 5/50 Thor Rags sig 40
5* 3/max? Kitty
5* 3/max Ghost
4* 5/50 Quake
4* 4/40 DV sig 99
4* 4/40 Hyperion sig 50
I'm currently trying to decide whether to rank up my 5* Rintrah (2/something) or 5* Tigra (1/10). Not super great with either but learning.
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  • manveertherealmanveerthereal Posts: 1,359 ★★★
  • flip3609sbroflip3609sbro Posts: 42
    A good rule of thumb with the flare node is to make use of class advantage when you can, flare I believe goes slower if you have the advantage, regardless you get a nice attack bonus
  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,849 ★★★★
    Those champs should be able to get you to atleast complete 5.2 to become uncollected.
    However. If your feel your skill isn`t up there yet to try act 5 I would suggest you do event quests, aq, just to get some 5* champs to rank 4. You should have the materials to r4 atleast 1 from exploring act 4.
    In the meantime. Just try 5.1.1 everyday until you get far enough into the lane you feel like it is worth it to push for completion.
    Act 5 has some different nodes from act 4 that you simply need to get used to. Take your time with it and practise.
    Search the internet for some decent revive farming spots. It will save you units. And look up some guides for proper masteries. They can make clearing content a lot easier, and are a unit investment that sticks around for a very very long time, and does not decrease in value until masteries are changed.

    Good luck with act 5.
  • shut_up_heathershut_up_heather Posts: 285 ★★
    Thanks so much, guys!
  • Iron_J3Iron_J3 Posts: 269
    Those are good champs. It’s not stupid to explore Act 4. It helps for practice and getting rewards. I recently started Act 5 and it’s way tougher than anything else up to this point in game. Little unfair at times. I’m close to beating 5.2. Just be patient. Practice in 5.1.1. You can exit quest if start losing a lot. It took me little time to get used to AI in 5.1. Take advantage of class advantages. It’s backwards in 5.2. 5.1.6 is super hard. Do side quests, arena and AQ stuff while getting better. Try to land few champs with high damage, regen and good bleed. Good luck as it’s not easy.
  • CederCeder Posts: 666 ★★★
    You are over prepared with a roster like that
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