We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.


Sorry, going for two questions in one shot, but both simplistic: can answer one or the other, OR, hopefully, both.
1) Just visited the Poll (now and has been for awhile, a Google Doc) of MCoC Characters separated by Class then into groups like ‘Story’, ‘AW Defense’, ‘AW Offense’, etc; anyhow, I check it on 11/8/17, around noon and is now the opinion of 3, 4 people? What happened?! In past many, many people contributed giving greater credence to results and rating of most to all Characters. Now just 3 Characters rated in each Class/Grouping. Anyone know what’s going on?
2) How do people open their Character Crystals? I want opinions and/or people’s ‘fact(s)’. When I’ve asked people before only responses got were same, when get Crystal it is already determined who you will get. I have hard time with that but if that is true it is true. What I am asking, and I will give example here, what/how would you do it.
Example: I save all Character Crystals. Recently when I got to 80 2-4Level Crystals decided to open. Should I open each Crystals separately and if so each one automatically or manually, ie put in Center & spin (if spin for how long or immediately stop as starts or don’t stop & have stop on own). Should I open ten at a time automatically?
Again, on Question 2 I am looking for facts if have them, but also opinions-how do YOU do it/ what have YOU had luck with (in your opinion better than statistically average). Please don’t just say it works ‘x’ way but expound on How You Do It as it seems to work for you, maybe others too. Thank you.
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