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Need some help

MeravamindzakeMeravamindzake Posts: 7
edited November 2022 in Strategy and Tips
Hey guys, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with my roster. I dont know which champions I should rank up and prioritize. And maybe also tell me which I should dupe out.

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    FurrymoosenFurrymoosen Posts: 2,225 ★★★★★
    First a question for you. Where are you at in story content progression and/or what are you hoping to push next?
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    ItsClobberinTimeItsClobberinTime Posts: 3,904 ★★★★★
    If I were you, I'd so Sym Supreme Overseer Juggs and Thing in that order
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    Im at act 6 chapter 1 only, and my goal is to have a couple of op champs so I wont struggle next time I play a difficult quest
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    Even tho they aren’t duped ?
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    BuildBuild Posts: 44
    Cable with Apoc synergy has carried me through all kinds of content. If you get Apoc in the future, utilize that.

    Bishop has utility, and great damage.

    Peni is amazing for sustainability. Spamming special 1 and then s2 can put out amazing damage. Her sync shield blocks 100% of inc dmg, and if you have S1 charges, she can inflict a power drain, as well as blocking unblock-able attacks. S3 restores sync shield charges.

    IDR if Hyperion needs to be awakened, but that passive energy gain, into a couple L3s will buff him up. Just spam heavies to gain those furies. If you get s3 and fury charges, s2 hits like a truck.

    That 5 star doom, he has great utility, and power control. Damage is good.

    Magik can power lock on S2, and cleanse buffs with S1.

    Your experience may differ.

    Google how to play some of these heroes. A ten min video will do you justice.
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    Thanks very much for your time explaining this. I appreciate it.
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    BuildBuild Posts: 44
    Glad to help. GL bro.
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