Connection issues

Has anyone else been having connection problems over the last 24 hours. This would’ve been in addition to the well timed emergency maintenance.


  • when i use iso to upgrade champs it lags and then says no connection for about 5 minutes then goes away. Idk if thats similar to your problem but its pretty annoying.
  • sbb75sbb75 Posts: 208
    The game is definitely lagging.
    Multiple times today ive had random issues, a lot of noticable UI stuff.
    The screen has gone blank when navigating. through menu.
    I used an Arena Boost and nothing for a sec, I thought I didn't activate so used a 2nd one on top.
    The no network connection message has appeared several times and stayed, however I was able to play.
    On more serious side...
    I have lost a few fights at the start I got lit up. Holding up to block/parry or dashing back never happened (Goldblum event)
    After AI does sp3 and animation ends I'm already getting hit (iceman vs Hulk - Goldblum).

    This has all happened over WiFi with perfect connection. Android phone.
    Did the standard stuff stopped app, rebooted, etc..
    Still problems when on WiFI
  • it has nothing to do with wifi i can assure you
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