If you've got a 5* R5, is it worth it to level up the 6*?

JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,041 ★★★★★
I pulled 6* Hit Monkey from my free 6* crystal. A wonderful champ. However, I've already got a 5* R5 Sig 60 Hit Monkey. Is it worth investing in the 6*?


  • Noob_Master69Noob_Master69 Posts: 241 ★★★
    Depending on your progression level (like if you're cav) I'd say it's a good choice to invest into him if you don't have any other 6*s that you want to take up at that moment in time.
    And I'd also add, only invest into him if you think you'll ever end up taking him to R3+, I assume this won't be a problem seeing as Hit Monkey is a pretty popular rank up.

    I used to use my 5* Claire Voyant whenever I could and when I got her as a 6* I did exactly that, slowly level and rank her until she took over my 5* but never made her my top priority
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