Champion Spotlight - Thor (Ragnarok)



  • Oliverb1980Oliverb1980 Posts: 69
    Does arch angel's ability reduction affect the shock damage chance after a special 3? I don't seem to recall this triggering when I use arch angel against him on master mode valor quests
  • GargaGarga Posts: 8
    @Kabam Miike why sometimes thor after special 3 inflict direct damage and most of the time not? It’s a bit weird... 5pmqnmb1i1e2.png
  • Talk about necro bump huh
  • QCassQCass Posts: 4
    GbSarkar wrote: »
    Thor's synergy with Hela: "Regenerates 10% of MAX health while..."
    Does max health include node buffs?

    Nope! It's his Base Health, but the maximum amount of Base Health, and not his current health.

    The health regeneration does not occur consistently. I just beat Yellow Jacket in a war battle, and did not get the health regen. And Hela was on my offense team at the time.
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