5.3 still broken

Why has 5.3 been out so long yet still completely broken? 3-5 times every fight the champions just stops moving and you get hit. Of course one combo and you’re dead. Fix this ****


  • QwertyQwerty Posts: 636 ★★★
    worked fine for me.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,463 ★★★★
    Same for me and I did it the first couple days it was out
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 3,797 ★★★★★
    Yup had no issues with it either
  • So strang. Anytime I play it, I’ll get a huge combo then go to evade and the champ does nothing. Was able to video it (hard to show intent in a video obviously but it’s obvious where it stops) but I don’t know if I can post it here?
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,911 ★★★★
    I haven't been able to evade reliably for months, anywhere, i swipe back and 1/4 times it just blocks or sometimes doesn't even do that
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