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Assault on the Grandmaster

So I have done something I swore I would never do. Attempt to complete Thronebreaker. So far it’s not been awful. Although I still have nightmares about 6.3.1 Black Bolt and then Medusa. That was the worst. Is all of 6.3 and 6.4 designed to kill you? That’s how it feels anyway. Anyways, I am at 6.4.6 and have read and watched all kinds of stuff. I am an average player. Who should be the team? I know I have a roster.

Champ list
6* (duped unless noted)
R3 Sunspot (unduped)
R2 Herc (unduped)
R2 Hit Monkey (unduped)
R2 Kitty
R2 Odin (unduped)
R2 Mordo (unduped)
R2 Dragon Man
R2 Ghost (unduped)
R2 She Hulk

5* all maxed R5
Doc Oc
Prof X
Spider ham
Invisible Woman
White Mags
Red Mags (unduped)
Iceman (unduped)

Most likely taking the Cosmic path. Got about halfway the other day without any kind of real trouble. So I feel good about getting to the GM with minimal to no casualties. Not sure if sunspot is any use. Was planning on swapping in Prof X so I don’t have to deal with reverse controls. Lots of options for me to choose from. Know I need to farm some more resources before I jump in.


  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 1,962 ★★★★
    Farm lots of revives and units, then farm some more.

    Consider practice running him a lot untill you can get his sp1 dodge down.

    Also consider taking a path they allows max ramp up of your hardest hitter; corvus, aegon, cull etc. Just in case you decide to whittle down 8m health....
  • HamoBlamo51HamoBlamo51 Posts: 271 ★★
    Jeez your champs will make it a breeze, as @Moosetiptronic said farm a metric ton of pots and revives. i used around 30 my first go. My MVP's were Warlock, Kitty and BWCV.

    I'd say everyone one of your 6*'s except odin, mordo, dragon man and ghost would be able to do it. As for 5*'s 80% of them could probably solo him. Your definetly a lot more prepared than i was so i'd say JUST GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!
  • FrydayFryday Posts: 510 ★★★

    Yeah Act 6 is painful, glad that Act 7 and Act 8 are much improved, hope the inprove continues for future Chapters.

    You have an amazing roster, if you happen to have Emma (Ghost optional), then Kitty would also be a great option for the Grandmaster, make it a bit easier to intercept and also counter reverse control too.

    Of course if you happen to have an Awaken gem lying around, an awaken Hercules would clear most of the path.

    Good luck.
  • Viking_St3v3Viking_St3v3 Posts: 142 ★★

    All right. Farm revives/health pots/units which I have been doing. Bring a hard hitter just in case. There is a path for Corvus that can get me all 4 charges if I choose. Not sure that’s the path I want to take. But I will see.

    I do have that option actually. I might do that as I would prefer using Kitty over Prof X. Been practicing with him but Kitty is easier to use and hits harder.

    I wish I had a 6* Cosmic AG. Herc would be awakened already. Not sure it’s going to be a breeze lol.

    Thanks for the 6* tips. I was thinking the same thing.

    Team most likely to bring.
    Corvus or Herc
    Sunspot (because he wrecks paths)
    Warlock and Sunpsot have been constants on my team forever anyway so it’s familiar.
    Same thing for Corvus and Doom.
    Claire has been swapped in frequently as well. It’s just Kitty I need to get used to as she is a pretty new addition.
    Once I can swap then take out Sunspot for Emma for reverse controls as I will have a hard hitter in either Herc/Corvus with lots of

  • Viking_St3v3Viking_St3v3 Posts: 142 ★★
    Thanks to all the folks on this. I got him done a while back. Was not pretty.
    Tigra (swapped for Emma for the GM)

    Pulls were tragic. But it’s over and I can move on to act 7.

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