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The next buff should be Red Cyclops… and here’s why

CapriciousCapricious Posts: 215 ★★
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Because it would be the easiest buff in the world to make. Cyclops is a champion that can very quickly become a fan favorite by just giving him a “Jane Foster” anyone who uses him knows that to optimize him all you need is more power gain and longer armor breaks. If you give him a buff where his Special attacks have a built in True Damage, armor shatter that also resets the armor break time, and like a solo synergy that increases his power gain (I.E. critting on a special attack increases power gained, or even just giving him an energizer) and BANG! He’s a god tier with big yellow numbers and you guys get to make a bunch of money everyone goes home happy. Throw in a passive prowess and a few underwhelming synergies, don’t even worry about the Phoenix force stuff either. You can just cover that when you buff Phoenix just work on the easy stuff that you could change in like a month
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