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Step back in anticheat

PupkacPupkac Posts: 75
edited December 2022 in Suggestions and Requests
Hi everyone,

as we can see, Kabam removed infopage from battlegrounds which shows important fight details as numbers of hits And biggest hits.

I think this Is absolutelly worst decision against cheaters.

Im sorry to say, but most of us feel, you trying to hide something u r not able to solve ONLY, because there Is no logic in other Reason, as Kabam jax wrote, reporting Is mostky used against players WHO beat US. Ok, there can be these stupid players WHO use IT this way, but removing infopage Is not solution, IT Will be worse.
Here Is why u should bring back infopage back:
-we identity cheaters not by time ONLY, but mostly by biggest hits And numbers of hits, eventually hits received And health remaining. I saw many fights with 20 secs of not cheaters (using high DPS champs)And then 30-40 secs fights with biggest apocalypse hits of 200k. Also number of hits 10 from apocalypse can't kill 200k health pools.
-these informations Are key to report or not report players
-we can inform alliance leaders, they Have cheaters in alliance with a Proof
-we can identity cheaters in friendly tournaments

So please bring IT back. If u have extremelly high number of reports, u can add rollbox with report Reason:
-biggest hit reached xxxx DMG
-number of hits Is too low, specify...
-too short times
This way u can identity biggest cheaters immediatelly....

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