Who to rank up next?

SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 547 ★★★
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I just explored 8.1 and got a tech ag and a science 3 to 4 gem...I'm in the process of taking quicksilver to rank 4 but who should I rank up next? I have a t5cc in ev every class


  • FurrymoosenFurrymoosen Posts: 1,020 ★★★★
    Scorpion and Valkyrie. Leagues above everyone else since you’re waiting on some key dupes. Ideally you want Valkyrie’s dupe too, but it just changes her kit for some fights and she’s still great without it.
  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 547 ★★★
    Ok thank you! Would you say go valk first since I have a 5 65 scorp?
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,687 ★★★★
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    Scorpigod above all
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