Who should be awaken for BG and war?

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In my alt account, I have a mutant AG. I have R3 unduped Bishop and Domino. Who would be better awaken for Battlegrounds and for war?

Who should be awaken for BG and war? 15 votes

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    A duped Domino is just such a pain to fight wherever you find her. It's maybe not the most useful piece of utility on offense but it's incredibly effective on defense.

    Bishop's dupe can be useful in general content, but in BG, it's usually pretty irrelevant since it revolves around getting bonuses based on how much power you ended the previous fight with. When you don't come in with any existing power, the only thing it does is make your special attacks unblockable if you have enough prowess. Which can be nice, sure, but is overall just a small piece of the utility you'd gain in multi-fight content.

    I'm currently pumping some stray mutant sig stones into my Bishop in order to make his special attacks as unblockable as I can on defense, but I wouldn't have awakened him with a gem if I hadn't pulled a dupe naturally. I might have awakened Domino. Especially since most of my other mutants are awakened already.
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    Thanks @Ercarret
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