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My (sorta) guide to the Rocket's Holiday Scraptacular (Week 1) (Meant for noobs like me)

So there's a lot of difficult nodes and some annoying champs for the SQ. I'll break down the nodes I encountered for (I think) the Heroic and Master difficulties. (I am only Conqueror so my knowledge will be limited but this should be helpful for the noobs like me.) Be warned this is a very long read.
Groot - Rocket path:
Groot is going to be the most annoying here. His -55% debuff duration means that anyone that relies on parry-heavy doesn't work. Use a champion that relies either on physical damage or DOT (that aren't bleeds obviously.) Groot's SP1 is super easy to evade, so always always ALWAYS attempt to bait it out. (The node means that every 10 seconds or so he'll gain a bar of power so try to be quick and maybe use a Taunt champion.) His SP2 is Unblockable and hard to see coming so power control champs are another option.
If you were able to take Groot down pretty easily, Rocket is a breeze. Just make sure he doesn't use his SP3, try to bait out either special first. (Same node here: Rocket gets a bar every 10 seconds) Rocket's first special is a ranged attack so if you're far away you're fine. Rocket's second is a kick with bomb; also easy to evade. (I recommend getting some practice dexing beam blasts like Ms Marvel's and Iron Man's tho)
The boss, Star-Lord, is also pretty easy to fight. His specials use basically the exact same pattern as Rocket's and in Heroic you will take him down fast af. The only problem is the NODE. Biohazard: each hit into the opponent has a 20% to inflict Bleed and each hit into the Opponent's block has a 50% to inflict Poison. (So don't use Valkyrie, yah?) For this, unfortunately your only options are to:
Bring a Bleed AND poison-immune champ (Darkhawk, Dormammu, Dragon-Man, Guilly 2099, Iceman, Nebula, Nimrod, Sentinel, both Ultrons, both Visions, Warlock) (if you bring a bleed immune champ that may work but you can never ever hit into Star-Lord's block.) Bring someone that can purify damaging debuffs/get rid of them (Ghost, Kingpin, other purify champs)
A really, REALLY tanky champion (I'm talking Sasquatch, Rintrah)
This is for me the 2nd easiest path in Heroic.
Ronan - Herc path:
Ronan isn't a very hard fight. If you have mastered parrying and can dex his specials (which are basically just beam blasts) you're good to go. He does have that 10-second-power-gain node, so be careful and bait specials often. Almost any type of champs work here, but for max sexurity go with a power control champ.
Hercules is harder, but not frustrating. His specials are both ranged attacks so as soon as the screen goes dark scoot back. Again with the power gain node, bait specials and/or bring power control champs. One thing you do have to watch out for is when he completes a feat. (There are three ways for this to happen: 1. Intercept you when you dash, 2. hit you with a heavy when you're not stunned, and 3. get back up.) After he completes a feat he will become stun immune once, so you can't throw a heavy/special then reparry because he will be stun immune. With the immortality he becomes unblockable, so you can either dex back repeatedly until it runs out then run forward for one hit and BOOM done. Or if you have SP3, throwing it removes his immortality and will KO him.
Boss is same. Honestly this is the easiest path as I find Hercules easier than Groot.
Ant-Man-CMM path:
This is where things get tricky. Before I tell you the node, let me say that any champion that must throw their SP3 is an immediate no. Why? Well, it's a combo of two nodes. Redlining says that if you have more than 33% of max Power (aka one bar), your combat power rate is increased by 100%. Yay, right? Well, if it goes past 75% of max power (a bit over two bars) you are immediately power drained to 0. (Note: you can't circumvent this with things like power steal, instant power gain, etc. If at any point it's higher than 75%, down to 0 it goes.) The other node is Languor. If your power reaches 0, you get a burst of 240% your attack dealt directly to you. (I don't think you can reduce this damage unless you have Indestructible or something.) How to deal? Well, don't use specials as soon as you get them. Most efficiently is someone that relies on special 1s. Special 2's may work, but you need to get your Power level in a very specific window, because if it's too much then you will be power drained. If it's too little you may end up at 0 power after the special attack. So use SP2s only when you have a teeny bit past 2 bars of power. With that in mind, let's head to the champs.
Ant-Man is an annoying defender but doable. His special 1 is ranged, so scoot back and you are fine. His special 2 is harder, but totally doable: evade the first few hits, then dex the swarm. Definitely practice because the hitbox is weird and if you mess the timing up you get ants in your face. Ouch. If you are noob try to bait his SP1. The annoying thing is, his glancing. He will inflict a Fatigue every time he gets glanced and he can inflict power stings when knocked down. Try to avoid using a parry-heavy champion as you will lose health every time you throw a special.
Captain Marvel isn't that bad. Same node, so probably don't use a power gain or SP3 dependent champ. The good news is you probably won't find yourself missing huge chunks of health (unless you don't pay attention to power levels.) The bad news is CMM can be even trickier than Ant-Man in some ways. Her specials are doable to evade, but both are tricky. (If she's in Binary Ignition mode her specials are unblockable) SP1 is beam blast + ground punch. Dash back (twice if need be) as soon as you see her arms go forward to blast you. Then just stay away from the punch. Bait SP1 if possible. SP2 is harder. 5 kicks, all easy to evade, then two QUICK photon blasts. You need to dash as soon as the first one appears, then dash back again immediately. (Evade kicks, wait, dash dash.) If not, her SP1 is tankable.
Boss is same. This is the hardest path but you've gotta do it for exploration.
Groot-Rocket path
Groot has the same power gain node, but there's another terrible node: Combat Deja Vu. If you land the same basic attack twice in a row, the opponent gets an unblockable for 6 seconds. Obviously, parry-heavy champs are out. You can do ML combos (slow but it will never trigger the thing.) LML works too. The important thing to remember is that it stays across combos. If you do MLM then start the next combo with a M, it triggers the unblockable. Or, since the unblockable is a buff and not a passive, a nullify/stagger/fateseal/neutralize champ may work.
Rocket isn't too hard if you managed to beat Groot. The same strategies apply.
The boss I actually hate.....it's the biohazard node, but with another. Be Like Water - every time Star-Lord is inflicted with a non-damaging debuff he gets get an unblockable passive (no nullifying!) for 8 whole seconds. You'll want to brush up on your intercepting skills. Bring a robot or bleed immune, one that doesn't inflict non-damaging debuffs. I quaked him and it went fine...
Ronan-Herc path: I don't think they have the Deja Vu node, so proceed as above but be more careful because mistakes will be punished more harshly.
Boss is same.
I haven't tried the Ant-Man-CMM path on Master difficulty yet, so I'll come back to this.
Hope this helps


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