Anti-Venom vs abyss mephisto?

GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,772 ★★★★
Hi Guys and Girls.
I was wondering if Anti-Venom works against mephisto in abyss?
I am doing the carina challenge in a couple of days and would prefer to do the easy path.
If he does not work could you suggest another option?
Or, if no proper option is available I might go the darkhawk luke cage path.
But would prefer the easy path.
I think he works, but cannot find any video of him doing the fights.

Many thnx


  • GiuliameijGiuliameij Posts: 1,772 ★★★★
    I did test him against a mephisto in duel. So I guess he works?
    Or does abyss mephisto have a mechanic I am overlooking?
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