New DUEL event suggestion

I wrote about this almost 2 years ago but nothing happened. DUEL events are BORING!

Why do we have to fight some low level guy every week for few premium shards? Can you make duels more interesting?

Just make duels with some featured champ like they are now, but instead of fixed points for a win, make points calculate the difference in PI.
So if the featured champ is for instance ww2, I find some guy with ww2 with 5k PI and I fight him with my champ which is 1k PI, I get 4k of points if I win.
Simple as that, but way more interesting and fun. Give us more events in which skill is involved, not spending.

Oh, and by the way, bring back those defender kill points in AW. Losing the war for 13 points only because your opponents are few points higher ranked is total ****. Don't kill this game - AGAIN!
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