My 6 star roster -12/31/2022

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This is my roster so far. My current focus is on story and battlegrounds and i am open to rank up suggestions.

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    If I leave few out, my bad. Not in this exact order per say (close though), just my own preferences:

    Doom, Starky, Claire, Apoc, Doms, Venom, Odin, Spidey 99, CMM, DW DO, Warlock, Knull, Spidey Gwen, Gamora (still hits like a truck) AA (better duped), Hyp (better duped), Havok, Ultron, Angela (high sigs), Wasp, GP, KP (not sure if really needs dupe to shine). Oh, KP synergy with Sinister is sweet - power lock for 6 secs!!! That’s awesome utility.

    Champs that other players would tell me I’m dumb for liking, but I have soft spot for these champs and for some reason enjoy them:

    Storm X, Sabre, OG BP (underrated bleeds, better duped), Star-Lord (only when duped, he’s still a damage dealer), Nebula (really good since buff), IMIW, Rogue, Miles, OG Spidey (his buff is coming very soon), Old Balls Logan (make fun of me all want, but he hits solid, good bleeds and regen, and sp1 is good).

    Many of these are good, but those ones really need dupe to shine. Such as, Namor, Aegon, Void, Herc (kinda doesn’t need it, but I think it makes difference).

    IMIW is duped, which helps a lot. Needs some sigs though and I’ve always enjoyed him.

    I’d say with champs already duped like -
    Doom, Starky, S99, Venom, CMM, IMIW - that can really help.

    Watch Seatin’s video of the buffed Nebula from roughly 12 months ago.

    Awesome roster overall!
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