Should Iceman get a buff?

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In 2023, we have got a lot of new champions with a lot more firepower and great arrays of immunities. Iceman is one champion I believe needs to be looked into. Yes back in the day he was the first ever character to get triple immunities. I believe Iceman should get an update where like electro he takes no damage from coldsnap or frostbite but increases his attack and power gain or maybe full immunities to coldsnp and frostbite. His base stats should also be improved and his frostbites should also stack a lot more so he will get a burst of great damage on detonation with the heavies. What do you think should Iceman get a tune up?
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    Mr.0-8-4Mr.0-8-4 Posts: 468 ★★★

    Immune to incinerate but not cold snap and frostbite doesn't make sense. Fix that and make him hit a little harder is all that is needed.

    Agreed. I'd increase the amount of frostbite passive he places on his opponent and increase his cold snap damage but overall, he's a decent champ.
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    Minor number tweaks is all i guess he requires, considering if some people even want ice immunity to him. After all, he was my 2nd ever r5 5 star champ
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    I had a thread for this exact topic. Iceman for a long time was the only COLD champ in the game. So being immune to something no one else did at the time was not needed. Now you have frozen air (which he should be immune to), other cold snap characters and and a few characters that have water based abilities which he should negate and be immune to as well. Iceman’s whole thing is that he controls moisture at a molecular level. He can freeze the water in someone’s blood.

    So yes. The whole conversation around ice, water and secondarily heat based immunities needs to be addressed. That part is an obvious re-work. Do that, and have some more damage based on higher sig that revolves around stacking more ice based debuffs to increase the damage output (above what there already is) and it would be great. He has great triple immunity, can negate evade already. More immunity to stuff he should be immune to and more damage and call it a day.
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