Any worth R4?

King_L0kiB34rKing_L0kiB34r Posts: 58
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Trying to figure out if I should be taking any of these guys up to R4. Looking more for attack then defense. Almost uncollected. Haven't started in on LOL yet.

Any worth R4? 55 votes

Elektra Duped
winterthurDHCVoLtTBJ1118SMiller80stakFreakydZoddymamFireballs5YellsomeSomeoneElseMrbeast6000XillymanBuckeyeKPadqqedfyvrVision_41HeroBoltsyVartoxSpeedbumpHazerfaceTedders 37 votes
Nightcrawler Unduped
RagamugginGunnerShynight00Zane22DarkArrow07buttersSgtAnime1Hammerbro_64Claydeeezy 8 votes
Drax Unduped
Golden_GuardianSkinner53SCARE 3 votes
Spiderman Classic Unduped
WinterSpider112Boboman 2 votes
Winter Soldier Unduped
Rhino Unduped
Sjandds 1 vote
Iron Patriot Unduped
Harry_71Irakli 2 votes
Spiderman Miles Morales Unduped
Apocalypse_810 1 vote
Juggernaut Unduped
Nitro422 1 vote


  • SCARESCARE Posts: 134
    Drax Unduped
    you forgot that op howard the duck XD
  • Yea, lol... just haven't pulled him yet
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 336
    Elektra Duped
    Definitely that Elektra. Since it's duped it's pretty good.
  • zero7zero7 Posts: 268
    Elektra Duped
    i took my duped elektra to r4 and i’m glad i did.
  • Spiderman Classic Unduped
    Spidey classic still has insane damage
  • If you need an R4 now then Elektra or Classic Spider-Man, but if you can wait for another champ worth an R4 I would.
  • JJGJJG Posts: 75
    Elektra Duped
    ALL WAYS IRON PATRIOT HE THE BEST nah jk elektra is a beast when it comes to bleed damage
  • RoraRora Posts: 74
    edited November 15
    R4 rhino as he is beast in AW defense
  • Harry_71Harry_71 Posts: 38
    Iron Patriot Unduped
    Definitely IP...he is the best
  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 127
    Elektra Duped
    none. didnt know they were 5* before I voted
  • King_L0kiB34rKing_L0kiB34r Posts: 58
    edited November 18
    " "

    Well thanks for all the input everyone.
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