Six star rank up help

Hi I need advise.
Thinking of ranking a six star to R2 and narrowed to thing or diablo.
I do have both at 5*
Thing 5* is duped and r5
Diablo 5* is R3

Now my thoughts are
thing is good defence but not massively good offence. I do have 5* human torch and 5* Mr fantastic (not ranked up yet)
Diablo great regen just need to learn his play better. Now I could awaken the 5* which may better? Or could be crazy and do both diablos??

As a note I don't run suicides which I now helps him.


  • A_FungiA_Fungi Posts: 267 ★★
    I dont know why you have Thing ranked up before Torch as a 5*

    Diablo and Thing are both great. Thing is a better two way champ (offense and defense) than Diablo is.

    If the opponent is poison immune it basically negates diablo also.

    I would lean toward Thing. Defense, offense, and some immunities. Or just hold until you get a better option.
  • Mentalboy1Mentalboy1 Posts: 153
    Torch is maxed out I meant to say Mr fantastic not ranked yet as just got him.
    Another potential option is bwdo her dot is helpful.
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