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numerous problems

I've had so many random input bugs especially in act 7 and battlegrounds worst one is where my character will randomly hold heavy and it wont let me cancel it or anything and if i get hit or they throw the heavy that im stuck in it will make to where i can't heavy again??? and random dropped inputs where my character just decides to stop attacking mid combo


  • BazzingaaaBazzingaaa Posts: 357 ★★★
    Same here.
    I thought it's my mobile and time for a new one, but it appears to be a common issue.
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,170 ★★★★★
    I have rare issues like that, mostly when the fight starts and the defender plows thru block. But it only happens rarely.
  • JestuhJestuh Posts: 273 ★★★
    Same. It just started with the most recent update for me.

    I was literally just coming here to say the time thing.

    It’s inputs and timing and lag or lag spikes. A

    Suddenly all my timing is off. Intercepts are weird. Parry isn’t working consistently. I’m even struggling to do basic intercepts against heavies or counter after dexing a special. I keep getting light punched out of a dex counter after specials.

    My inputs are screwy and inconsistent.

    And it seems like the enemy champs are either lagging or skipping frames of their animation because they are reacting way faster than they ever have.
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