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Guide To GM’s Gauntlet

xNigxNig Posts: 7,309 ★★★★★
Did my final run of Gauntlet and would like to share my team setup and experience with everyone who are trying to clear it.

I brought the following team in: Kitty, Tigra, Elsa, Nimrod, AA. All R4s, no suicides. Spent about 14-15 single revives. Most of the time I potted the champs to full after reviving.

Path 1
Doom - AA solo. Parry heavy all the way. Once you get 3 neuros on him, Soft Guard doesn’t trigger anymore.

Terrax - Kitty solo. Back away at the start of the fight. Parry 3x to get 3 prowess. Then dash back phase 3 hits the entire fight. Watch his power bar for when his Rock Shield expires, bait sp1 then continue phase 3 hits. With Tigra synergy, Kitty becomes unblockable at 10+ prowess so it’ll be easy.

Vision - Kitty solo. You’d wanna save your sp3 for this fight for when he gets to 3 bars, because he will. Same thing as Terrax fight, parry MLM a few times to get to 3 prowess and just phase 3 hits. Bait his sp1 then sp2. By the time he reaches his sp3, you’ll be at sp3. Sp3 him before him to get your long phase, eat his sp3, then get to 3 prowess again and repeat.

Modok - Kitty solo. Don’t use your specials at all, and bait his sp1. Phase 3 hits all the way. You’ll be unblockable, so he won’t be able to auto block you.

Ham - Kitty, 2 revives. Spent the revives figuring out how to handle him. Easiest way for me was to just push him to sp1, attempt to bait. If he doesn’t use it, push him to sp2, then bait his pies. Dashing into while phased into his pie shots will get you some decent damage. It’s a relatively longer fight, so just be patient.

Path 2
Weapon X - Nimrod solo. Easy fight. Stay in the orange mode (whatever it’s called) to remove his regen and sp2.

Thing - Elsa solo. Easy fight too. Elsa just wipes the floor against XL + Science.

Korg - Kitty, 2 revives. 3x parries at the start to get your prowess. Then phase ML. Bait sp1, remove rock stacks. Parry heavy to remove gauss stacks. Then slowly chip him down. Spent the revives cause mistimed his sp1 evade multiple times after he sp1ed into my phase. 😂

DM - Tigra, 1 revive. Block wait for heavy, counter. Bait sp1, block 1 hit to remove his power gain buff, heavy counter. You won’t be able to corner heavy him after baiting his sp1/2s so it’s quite abit of chip damage (or in my case, a few missed intercepts lol).

BPcw - Tigra, 1 revive. Remember that you can’t parry him at the start of the fight due to Arc Overload. Intercept or just back away until it’s over. Keep neutralize on, bait sp1, heavy counter. Neutralize stops the footloose buffs and armor ups so you can parry as per normal, and corner heavy.

Path 3
Nightcrawler - Elsa solo. Parry MLLL (don’t finish your combo), let him evade once. Once he evades, parry MM to get coldsnap on. Let him dash back and block, hit into block to switch him to Swashbuckling. Then just play normally since he won’t evade anymore.

Spider Gwen - Elsa solo. Same as Nightcrawler. Hit into block or whatever to get her to evade once. Then land your coldsnap and she’s easy. Make sure to keep cold snap on at all times.

Domino - Nimrod solo. Straightforward fight.

Mojo - AA, 1 revive. Parry heavy. Also a straightforward fight. Got careless and mistimed his sp2, which resulted in a death.

iAbom - Nimrod solo. Also a straightforward fight. Be careful to not get cornered by his sp1. If you are, heavy him to create some space.

Path 4
Apoc - Tigra solo. Bait sp1, corner heavy, sp2 ftw.

Sassy - AA solo. You can save a special for when he goes below 3-5%, then full combo and throw the special to remove his life cycle shield and he’s toast.

KM - Kitty, 2 revives. 1st fight dex wasn’t working well and I kept blocking his dash instead of dexing, so I bled out. 2nd fight I totally miscued on his sp2 evade timing. 3rd fight was the usual phase 3 hits and baiting his sp1/2. Could have soloed the fight if I didn’t play so badly the first 2.

Void - Elsa, 1 revive. Just go in and ignore LDR. The longer you take the more painful this fight gets. Elsa’s sp1/2’s cold snap damage will scale with power shield so you’ll wanna drop them as soon as you can. Multiple hits also help with your combo count to remove his debuffs. Elsa shrugging off the debuffs also helps your crits so you’ll be critting a lot (plus power shield doesn’t ignore passive damage from your hits).

Nick Fury - Kitty, 2 revives. Was careless since it was nearing the end so didn’t take note of my prowesses as much. Ended up taking a sp2 to my face, and another was a missed intercept when he was in his real NF phase and a few ticks of the bleed killed me. Besides that, it could have been pretty straightforward with getting him to hit me when phased and sp3ing him.

Thanos - Kitty, 2 revives (you only need 20-40% revives for this fight). Parry 3x, then get your phase dash on.

For the Evolution stone phase, you CAN hit him when the stone is up after his special and you have more than 10 prowess (you’ll get bleed on you but you can offset that with your dashing. You’ll still take 1-2 ticks of damage though. He won’t be able to autoblock you since you’re unblockable).

For the balls phase, Idk but I felt the balls were flying pretty fast 🤷🏻‍♂️. Anyway, if you have more than 3 prowess you can phase away the degen damage and get to full health here. What I did was dex the balls after getting used to the speed (after dying twice cause of… fast balls..), you’ll have time to phase MLL twice before his evade counter starts, wait it out, then phase MLL all the way until he throws his balls to you again. Rinse wash repeat.

Last phase was straightforward with Kitty. You’ll almost always get an intercept on, or if you have a sp3, you can always sp3 before he does and you won’t take damage from it.

That’s all!

All the best to everyone who is trying.


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    willrun4adonutwillrun4adonut Posts: 3,646 ★★★★★
    Why not nimrod for Apoc?

    And I don't think I've seen many/anyone bring Elsa. Congrats on using a unique champ.
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    xNigxNig Posts: 7,309 ★★★★★
    edited January 2023

    Why not nimrod for Apoc?

    And I don't think I've seen many/anyone bring Elsa. Congrats on using a unique champ.

    Cause Tigra is a lot faster and I’m very used to using her against Apoc. Think the fight took 2 mins or so.

    Thanks! Elsa is a beast.
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