EOP rewards and structure predictions

Eop is coming tomorrow with the third set of carinas challenges. How do you guys the quest and rewards are going to be structured. There are always gonna be new thronebreakers complaining about the rewards, and conquerer player complaining about the fact that they must actually, yes for real, in fact do lower end content first.
So lets set some predictions before the drop, that way, aim low or high, we can agree on some base rewards ahead of time, and minimalize the level of complaint on drop.

For the structure of the quest i honestly have no idea.
Now for the juicy part, the rewards
Each boss should drop a vote selector, you choose any champ u have and they instantly go to r4 level 55 as a six star. This way i can use my 3 stars again.

Ok jokes aside (yes it is a joke steve) there are a few factors. Previous eop rewards gave what? 2 or 3 of each of t6b and t3 alpha? However this time the content is harder, u must kill 8 in a row. On the other side, it is permanent so that eases preparation difficulty. Adding to that, it might be tied to the new carinas challenges, or they may be split between gauntlet and eop. Im guessing completion rewards will seem underwhelming at first glance for the difficulty. However, lets just look for a reward summary, this kind of content doesnt cater in full to those who do not complete in full. Yes it helps, but shouldnt be the cornerstone for complaint if rewards are bad. Now prediction. I believe we will get a nexus or two, maybe from completion + carinas, and a abyss from exploration. Carinas challenges have more and more r4 mats constantly, so we might be looking at anywhere around 2 r4's worth from exploration plus challenges. Also, this would be an amazing time to drop some t6cc, not a lot, but if 7 stars are coming soon, no point in putting r5's behind a complete paywall. Will we get 7* shards, i really hope, but doubt it, no new content has given any so far since announcement, but this could be ther perfect chance to ease us in.

Anyway good luck, lets hope its worth it and post your predictions/expectations
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