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Skill Rankup choice?

shut_up_heathershut_up_heather Posts: 285 ★★
edited January 21 in Strategy and Tips
I have 4 viable options for a skill champ.

1. 4* Thor Ragnarok (5/50, sig 50) is who I currently use. Honestly he's an okay champ but isn't very helpful for me trying to get through 5.1.6 (hoping to get Uncollected by at least April.)
2. 4* Kingpin (not leveled/ranked up, sig 20 as I just pulled him twice) I've heard some good stuff about him, so I am wondering if he is a solid-er option than Thorags. I don't have the rankup materials currently so it will take a long time to max him out.
3. 5* Killmonger (2/35) I've tested him out, but I'm not impressed. It seems like his main thing is annoying defender, but I don't have his sig ability and I am not active in AW.
4. 5* Hawkeye (2/35) Just pulled him last night and my friend told me he was good. He seems like a solid power control and I have Tigra for the synergy.

Soooo.....please tell me who you'd rank up and who is most suited for Act 5. Thanks!
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