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aw map paths shown as cleared, but it's not the case

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos we want to clear the map in bg2, but the game shows that all paths are cleared, even if only 8 had joined...pls help us with this bug... tks


  • Opening statement is unclear, where do you see it is showing you that all paths are clear (Korg is plainly still there).

    Or if meaning how can 8 ppl have started traveling along 9 different paths.
    YES (above reply), you can see that at least 2 paths did NOT have any defenders in this first section (paths 1 and 6, and maybe 8 too).
    So someone can travel that way, then use their UNDO and go backwards and then also travel along a 2nd path.

    UNDONE branches still counts as having explored those prior empty nodes.
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