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I think it's time for new arenas

A_FungiA_Fungi Posts: 993 ★★★★
edited January 2023 in Suggestions and Requests

When are we going to have the option to get higher tier catalysts in arenas?

I remember when it was am accomplishment to do the t4 arena and have 4/40 4 star champs.

I also remember when you introduced the Catalyst Clash arena and thinking, great a chance at more t5cc... and getting ISO.

Are there any plans to update these arenas with more relevant resources (t5bc, t2a, a t4cc selector)?

I know arenas are not for everyone. But for the ones who play them, it seems like it's time to update this part of the game since so much has changed over the years when these modes were introduced or even the last time they were updated.

I understand that many of these items are available in the BG, loyalty and glory stores. But I don't think you can have too many rank up materials.
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