EOP top path - best teams?

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1) if you’re just trying to clear (not a Carina challenge) then who are you taking for the top path, and who are you subbing midway?

2) if you were going to do a top path Carina challenge, what challenge and team?

I did dimensional beings on bottom to avoid Blade. It was awful.
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    I'm gonna do the Left with a Spiderverse team (CGR for the first 4 fights) because Miles cheeses MODOK and Blade.
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    Hercules can basically solo every fight on the top. You would need CapIW if you want to use Herc for Warlock (or bring CGR). Herc won't need synergies so it would open up an opportunity to pick 2-3 fights that you might be better off with a dedicated counter. Herc is also probably the best option for Thanos. I would personally bring Havok to fight Havok. He makes it a very easy solo, takes a bit but any champ that can do that is great. Maybe Mags for DragonMan. Eventually you permanently turn off his power gain and that becomes a very easy fight as well. In summary,

    Herc, Havok, CGR (possibly CapIW for synergy), switch in Mags halfway

    If I had to pick a Carina's for the top lane. I'd look at what Rank 4's I have. In my case, I have Warlock and Nimrod as my only R4's for these challenges so there's a good chance I do #Robots for the top lane.
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    Non-Carina run I used Herc, CGR and Kitty. CGR for Warlock, Kitty for Nick and Herc did the rest.
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