kabam please dont bring war back next season without a major map overhaul this is ugly

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with planetary endurance and some of the champs you included this map is disgusting. root node with nick fury supposed to be power gain until sp2 but nick fury jusr spams sp1s claerly you coded the AI screw players out of potions. we cant even hit korg in the block to get rid of the buffs that is literally an unfair scam. cant intercept now cuz the AI throws a light attack from standing position. if there is a degen timer you know the AI will hit into your block 30 times running that clock out so you die. the hazard shift fight blocking path 789 is a joke and way overtuned. stop punishing loyal war players and tune this **** down so more champs can be used. every war is miserable and that should not be the goal here.
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    Sounds more like a skill issue. Since everyone else is dealing with it just fine.
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    I'd recommend playing lower tier wars in this case, no shame in that. I played in t2 for like 5 seasons and then decided to step down bcz I felt the pressure was too much for me.
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    He is right, you know. Planetary endurance is quite tough. Very annoying to deal with. Some of the champs dont have direct counters with the attacker global+ nodes. I play in t1, with the alt in t4. While it is alright for now, it is gonna be really bad in t1 in a couple seasons.
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    I prefer it to unsteady ground
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