Swipes and Taps in the Left are not Taps in the Right

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The Gameplay is simple:
- Swipe in the Left for Dash.
- Tap in the Left for Block.
- Tap in the Right for Punch.

Sometimes the game mess it and when you Swipe or Tap in the Left the player's champ stay there swinging misses punch.
And not, I'm Not playing in a 3" tamagochi, I'm playing in a Tablet.

I'm thinking it's the real problem behind a lot of problems messing us since many months ago.
It's the classical show.
- Want you dash back and avoid the AI's counter attack? The champ "stay there unresponsive" and he's screwed back.
- Want you block and avoid the AI's attack? The champ "drop the block" and he's screwed anyway.
- Want you Parry/Dexterity in perfect timing? The champ is not agree he want another thing else.

Every time the champ will seem like he "stay there doing nothing" but he actually tried a new punch and ate a combo/special attack.

It's easily reproducible, and easy noticeable once you know it's here.
I was guessing this problem was happening since many months ago but I didn't care to catch it and continued playing fighting with the bugs blaming the stutter lag.
However thanks to the Bounty Events collaterally I could reproduce it a lot. For example when fights should be finished with a M, I forced the goal doing the latest hits: M, dash back, M, dash back, and repeat. When the bug happen and the AI was hard I was screwed like the usual because my champ was unresponsive, but because I was doing many easy fights too for score in the event, this AI give me breaks and I could see my champ hitting again despite I was blocking or dashing and my right hand was scratching my back.

This issue reading the inputs happen sometimes but often enough for mess you many fights and loses.

PS: Why I cannot write more than 5 tags?.
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