Looking For A full BattleGroup to go thru terrigenesis and become Inhumans!!!!

I am in need of a 3rd Battlegroup. I will offer up TWO officers spots so you can run your battlegroup as you see fit for AQ and AW. (as long as you are finishing).

- our rating is 5.94 Million
- Tier 3-4 War (rating 1552)
- run 55444 but will most likely go 55555 with a 3rd active BG
- we hit SA fairly easy every week even without a full alliance so with another group thats money in the bank

as long as you are doing your thing and handling yours I dc how you run your BG. Who you kick or who you recruit. You can focus on you and your buddies. everything is negotiable so just write me and we'll chat. tired of trying to piece together another BG.

In game: Grizzzla
Line: saladino1990
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