Just wanna hear thoughts on mordo and abilities. Just got him as a 4 star and i think hes pretty cool but im not extremely familiar on how to use him, by the way my name is JAG3R FAN and i ranked my mordo up today


  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 267
    Hold his heavy to charge up a bunch of furies. Hit the other guy.
  • He's actually very useful if you get used to his mechanics. I like the fact that if you hold Block he can Block an Unblockable Attack. He has decent Damage with his Specials if you have Fury stacked. Some Regen there. He's good for Attack, not just Defense.
  • Thx man just tested out fury stacks and its soooo coool
  • He is a solid choice for some quests. If you play someone who gets a lot of buffs like groot, OML, or venom you can use the sp2 and it demolishes them. Also if the more fury stacks you have when you do that the more damage it does. I have taken down the 18000k venom in under a minute using the sp2.
  • Hi guys lost all my 4 stars apart from unstopabble colossus and mordo. Trusted friend sold them and i got really upset. Brought Mordoto rank 3 though so thats a positive
  • I have 1 too many accounts can you guys put all of them in 1 account? Love the game just that much
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