Get a Free 3-6 Star Baron Zemo this Week!

Log in to the Summoner's Market at and claim the Baron Zemo Selector between 10am PT November 24 and 10am PT on December 1st.

Proven and Below: 3-Star
Conqueror/Uncollected: 4-Star
Cavalier/Thronebreaker: 5-Star
Paragon/Valiant: 6-Star

You can only claim this Baron Zemo one time. The Baron Zemo is delivered as a selector, claiming it will require you to choose your rarity immediately. If you plan to change your Progression level during the Cyber Week event, we suggest you wait until you have made that change before claiming this selector.

Gorr - debuffs causing lag

I’ve noticed that stacking debuffs with Gorr ( and Zemo ) causes serious lag, and worsens input issues. Playing on a newish iPhone 12, anyone else?


  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 968 ★★★★★
    Same happens with any champ that has flashy animations or effects like Warlock, Terrax, Human Torch, etc.

  • AdevatiAdevati Posts: 425 ★★★
    Give us particle density settings, Kabam.
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