Pls help with my masteries🙏

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I see videos of people running cides and gaining like 3 health per poison tic but I am losing health like mad. Any help is greatly appreciated my pictures are below


  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 666 ★★★
    Could it maybe be because I'm raising my base health with greater health?
  • DragonMCOCDragonMCOC Posts: 528 ★★★
    Bishop isn't poison immune. Also, poison restricts healing.

    Assuming you've seen the small healing on champs that were poison/bleed immune.
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    If you have 3/3 in glass cannon and salve these will be closer together.
  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 666 ★★★
    No I was watching a video of miles vs eop kraven and beroman was regening like 4 per tic
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    What I said was not a question. Put 3/3 in glass cannon and 3/3 in salve....then they will tick differently. You may also need to remove greater health down to 1. Not sure on that part.
  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 666 ★★★
    Oh sorry chili I didn't see yours earlier lol, I was commenting on dragon 😅
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