I understand the hate for Spidergwen but the more I use her in arenas the more I am starting to like her. I get her SP1 doesnt do anything really, but she crits a lot and her damage is fairly high. Does anyone else see the value in her or is it just me?


  • it's just you bro. But she hulk is even worse....
  • I know i should never sell champs, but I sold my she hulk to get enough shards for a 5 star haha @colbyscipio987 I dont miss her at all.
  • BigMoBigMo Posts: 91
    Spidergwen is not that bad. Her animations are smooth and she has decent damage output. However her SP1 is just goofey and there are so many better champs available. My 4* SG is at 3/30 and is only used for arena grinding.
  • I like her also she has evade, a nice critical hit rate, armor break, special attacks do major damage, also causes stun, heavy attacks aren't interrupted, and she is the fastest attacker hands down
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 113
    Op, I found the same thing. There's a lot of hate for her, and certainly I don't think she's special. She doesn't have any value in quests and so forth, with no regen, no immunities, no power control, etc. But I enjoy using her in arena. Good thing, too, since I now have her as a 5*. Since most of my 5*s are arena fodder anyway, it's nice to have a quick, clean fight with her.

    Right until the Vanquishing Blow event is sp1. Lol
  • She’s my favorite spider champ besides stark spidey. The only bad thing about her is her zero damage sp1.
  • She's been given a bad rap, but she does some decent Damage. L1 doesn't inflict anything, but with Armor Breaks stacked, she can do some good work.
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