No alliances that do not listen when a guy needs help.

I am seeking an expert alliance. East coast preferably. I have been in 3 alliances in 6 weeks. Each time NEVER getting rewards because someone wants to boot me before they are distributed. If i was a shitty teammate it would make sense. I communicate and use line, i ask for help and or directions, and am always met with some bullshit. When my path gets doubled up on for one fight that i am either out of energy for or asleep i have an issue. Mostly because i have to in turn do the same thing on occasion and get called out as if im trying to be a terrible teammate. I make moves where i can and have to based on my teams movements and or coordination(in most cases lack there of even in 8 mil alliances). I am looking for a well organised, expert team who understands assignments instead of free for all, who wont ask me to use every resource i habe and then boot me out before rewards are distributed. I am sick to death of finding teams like that. In 6 weeks i went from 1.5 mill gold, 160k loyalty, and 25k battlechips to 500k gold, 6k loyalty and 6k battlechips thanks to alliances like the aforementioned. If there was a way i could take my anger out on those people i would cause its just not fair at all. I am exactly what any team should want that already has good leadership. I play every free second i have(even at work) and i am a TEAM PLAYER. Again I am looking for an expert east coast team or a west coast team that understands these concepts. I can not donate until my resources are recouped so i will require patience on that end for a couple weeks. If you need a dedicated member i am your guy. If you cant refrain from being a total douchebag on here then keep looking cause i am not the guy for you


  • Hey.. post your profile?
  • Do t even know how. First time on forum. Nicholas Jas in game and nicholasjas line i.d
  • Can you include your IGN?
  • Ign? Again not savvy
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  • Hey.. hit me up on line.. solarfalre79.. we probably have a spot for you..
  • Gotta get back in from lunch. Friend me or find me i will add you after i get out in about 2 hrs
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    Hey Nichoas we are a U.S. based alliance looking for 1 for a map 5 expert tier alliance. We are very organized and we do lane assignments. Line is required. I added you in game. Thanks
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    a little off topic, but... any alliance that requires you to donate the first week you are there, should be avoided.
  • Lurker wrote: »
    a little off topic, but... any alliance that requires you to donate the first week you are there, should be avoided.

    Agree 100%. Also good alliances typically do lane assignments for AQ/AW. You should look for one of those. It eliminates the risk of people jumping your lane or you jumping their lane.
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    Lurker wrote: »
    a little off topic, but... any alliance that requires you to donate the first week you are there, should be avoided.

    Oh so true.
    Donations = rewards.
    No rewards = no donations. Isn’t fair to the player.

    Good luck in the future op. Sure someone that has added you will be better.
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    I agree with the whole “first week no donations” thing but what @Nichoas_1 says about not having the resources to donate anymore makes zero sense. The stuff you donate, gold, loyalty and battlechips, isn’t the stuff you’re locked out from when switching alliances (SA, AQ rank rewards and possibly one 3 day event) the gold and battlechips from AQ you get even as a new member and the loyalty you get from war. You even get the AQ milestones, so although that’s less glory then if you get rank rewards too, you still get some glory.
  • Hello sir I added you in game. In our alliance we will not do those kinda things to you. All we ask is that our players communicate, play, grow, and have fun with the game.
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    if you still looking add me on line to chat. Shazb76
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    Add me on Line if interested. Crooks9109
  • I had horrible alliances for 6 mos I feel the pain

    As for rewards lockouts, it all depends when he joined these alliances. If he fully donated then only did 1 aq run, you be losing. "never rewarding" is a stretch, but never getting rank or summoner awards is quite possible. Those reward lockouts need to be modified, reduced by 1 or 2 days. Granted I guess I get it, if you swap alliances you either sacrifice summoner or aq, but I'm pretty sure a few times I missed both

    Also designated paths? Sure if you don't have flexible rosters. My alliance is a free for all for the most part but we are all also old farts, and we smoke map 5 all day every day. Locked in paths also means you rely too heavily on people to take care of nodes

    But yes, for the masses I can agree on militaristic alliance tactics.

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    @xoRIVALox yes, locked out of SA and AQ happens a lot. But that doesn't lock you out of getting the battlechips and gold from AQ, just from the rank rewards. It sucks, but blaming lockout for lack of gold/battlechips/loyalty makes zero sense. Non of those rewards are every part of any lockout. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed, the lockout system was to prevent jumping as a whole alliance and gaining multiple t4c's by always being in the top of lower tiers then the alliance should have been in. By changing the tiers and rewards the issue was also fixed.

    The alliance I set up still runs map 5 as a free for all. It works and I like it more then set paths. Both have pros and cons. I'm currently in an alliance with set paths and the repetitiveness bores me a bit.
  • If you've been in 3 different alliances in 6 weeks, the problem isn't most likely the alliances. I would look inwardly and ask myself, "How can I become a better person"?
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