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T4 Basic and T1Alpha expiring in stash

Lots of t4basic and t1 alpha is expiring
Cz I have stopped upgrading 5stars
Cz I have lots of 6 star r1 lvl 1 to upgrade
Lacking of iso is also I big problem here


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    CaptainaidenCaptainaiden Posts: 836 ★★★
    Sell it, easy
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    Bunny425Bunny425 Posts: 17
    Captain bro
    Selling will not be an issue....
    But what I m trying to say
    We can use that stuff if we have iso to upgrade
    Some 6 star r1 lvl1
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    HulkbusterN1HulkbusterN1 Posts: 217 ★★
    I’m paragon with 3.5 mil account, have no t4 basic at all because I often rank up champs. I don’t care about t1 alpha any more because I’m not ranking up 5 star champs, I just sell it.
    If you have iso problems, then just do EQ and SQ, the amount of iso here was significantly increased. Personally, I have 2k+ iso in stash, it always refreshes and never expires.
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