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Please fix bugs or compensat in bgs

DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
edited February 24 in Bugs and Known Issues
Just had a match lost a victory shield. So won round 1. Round 2 was a loss preparing for round 3 fight ends and I start in r3. Didn't pick defense or offense. Wtf??? Ok fine it was the match ups I would of picked. Finish fight but again it shows we timed out and I lost cause of that. KABAM YOU HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES IN BATTLEGROUNDS. BUGS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! please at least try to address the issues instead if ignore. Some of these bugs have been here for 3 seasons.


  • carmichaelptcarmichaelpt Posts: 7
    I have been dealing with this. Previously, it has always when I use Odin as my attacker, now Scorpion. Losing the energy stinks, but even just losing the match without it counting to the milestone, and not being able to lose it clean.
  • carmichaelptcarmichaelpt Posts: 7
    Looks like my video didn't upload

    I'm dealing with the running screen of death
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