Attuma and Shuri Balance Update!

Hey all,

Balance Team here with an update on Attuma and Shuri!


Despite some unique utility and tricky defensive abilities, our review of Attuma’s fights so far has shown that he is underperforming compared to targets in a few areas. His Defender Strength attribute is top-tier, but a fairly wide number of Champions are having good success against him across game modes. Offensively, he is also outputting a bit less damage with too little comfort in his loop. 

We have two specific goals with any changes to Attuma:

  • Increase the defensive threat of his rough Talokanil skin 
  • Add some damage and accessibility to his attacker loop

Though we are still working on the exact changes that will let him bring the full power of the seas to the Battlerealm, key points of interest are the base chance for his rough Talokanil skin damage, the duration of his Cruelty passives, and faster access to Concussion to enhance the rest of his abilities.


Based on our evaluation of Shuri’s performance in the Battlerealm so far, we’re also going to look at making some tune ups to her kit! While Shuri’s Damage is quite potent once her full ramp gets going, we’re seeing low damage output across most of our game modes, notably our more dynamic, more complex pieces of content. 

Our goals with Shuri are the following:

  • Reduce the investment needed to reach full ramp
  • Reduce the difficulty of maintaining her Shock effects 

We’ll be taking a look at her current stack limit, Shock effect durations and potencies with the intention of bringing up her base DPS in more complex encounters and simplifying her upkeep once ramped. 

What’s Next?

Tuneups for both Characters! As mentioned before, we don’t have their changes locked in and are still working on them. However, here’s a brief timeline of how this round of changes will go:

  • 38.2 (April) + 39.0 (May): Attuma and Shuri’s changes will hit our CCP Beta for members to dig into and create content with
  • 40.0 (June) - Attuma and Shuri release with their new changes
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