EOP Grief Incarnate write up by a mid Paragon

SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 661 ★★★
So I just did my run through of Grief incarnate, with a team of r4 herc, r4 quicksilver, and r1 venompool. This is just a play by play of each fight for those planning runs of their own.

Hercules with herc: solo after about 5 tries, just an annoying fight

Havok with herc: solo

Warlock with VP: 1 rev, took about 15 minutes I highly advise a r2

Nick with herc: easy solo regened back to 60 percent

Darren with herc: easy solo rip my fav avenger

Blade with herc: solo. A little sketchy I didn't read the nodes

Terrax with herc: Barely soloed I had a dot of immortality left

Dragonman with QS: easy solo cheese fight

Peni with herc: 1 rev I'd heal up to about 20 percent if were to do it again, it could've been a solo

Ikarus with herc: 1 rev, not much to say

Scorp with herc: 1 rev, just threw sp3 after sp3

Kraven with herc: 1 rev, very fun fight

Overseer with herc: 1 rev, easy enough

Crossbones with herc: 3 revives also very fun

Bishop with herc: very quick solo

Dorm with QS: easy solo just spamming sp1

Thanos: 2 revs
I used herc for everything but the final phase, which I cheesed with qs like an off brand spiderman 2099.

Overall 11 revives and a health potion isn't too bad for the pfp😁
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