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‘Best’(?) Way Get Questions Answered By Somewhat Newbie

What is/are best thing(s) to do, or not do, to get others, especially with valuable information to share, to share info by answering one’s (for me, especially mine) questions? For example keep it short? Ask uncommon, ie not same question(s) over & over (speaking as someone who’s been playing 6-7, more months(?) & does Net/Forum research, watch UTube vids, & so on, & speaking hopefully for real newbies, it is hard to not ask questions you hear a lot as most of you old hands/know A LOT, but we don’t even know what to ask or what’s asked a lot, even with reading the Forums otherwise wouldn’t ask it)?
What in the majority’s opinion, those that know the game inside and out AND want to answer questions, what questions attract you, make want to read, to answer? What makes you NOT want to bother with? What titles to questions catch your eye? Is it way question presented/written/length? Do you research question poser and if so what determines whether you answer their question(s) or forget about it?
Please help me understand what would increase the odds my questions get answered. I want to learn, of course, for personal gain, but also to help others (right now, mainly (99%) Of those try to help in my Alliance/MCoC Friends but would love to help more.
Okay, know probably too long already, but hopefully thank you in advance for your help.
PS Going to also post this a Poll (have never done a Poll, should be interesting. Hopefully won’t upset anyone by doing this.


  • OldaviseOldavise Posts: 35
    Thank you for the insight! Will be very helpful in future so thanks again. Greatly appreciated more than prob know.
  • Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534 ★★★
    Questions with proper spaces.
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