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Which 6* should I rank up ?

Which 6* should I rank up ? 12 votes

Nebula (Duped)
jaythekid 1 vote
Stryfe (Unduped)
Elsa Bloodstone (Unduped)
Maverick75Sarvanga1_ZAHIDMALIK1588Superstar_1126 4 votes
Immortal hulk (Unduped)
RenaxqqBassanoClapperJohny_JoestarUglyBugly 4 votes
Capt. America Sam Wilson (Unduped)
SpeedbumpFurious80Manbatn 3 votes


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 631 ★★★
    edited March 2023
    Elsa Bloodstone (Unduped)
    Well it depends on your progress in the game and the aimed rank...

    But to give an answer (else than None that won’t really help you):
    Elsa is underrated. Watch Jason Voorhees videos about underrated champions.
    And no, her awakening ability is not essential.
    If you play with Double Edge, she is better: degen on the opponent while she is bleeding.
    Between Elsa and Immortal Hulk: my I Hulk won’t go higher than 6r2.
    Nevertheless I am not sure to upgrade her as a 6r4 (the t6cc and t3ac are too rare with my in-game activities).
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