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LF 4 spots, vet accts stepping back from grind

Hi All,

4 accts need to step back and focus on IRL but still be able to play and enjoy the game.

Looking for map 4/5 AQ, silver/gold AW.

Just want to play and chill.

Please contact me (docblythe on Line, or here). If you may have space. Happy to help a newer alliance grow, or chill with retirees ๐Ÿ˜‚.


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    KingSageThe1stKingSageThe1st Posts: 102 โ˜…
    Hi, do you use discord? I have a perfect alliance for all four of you.
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    DocBDocB Posts: 150 โ˜…
    Thanks @KingSageThe1st got your line msg. Thanks for the chat!
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    yodaclimberyodaclimber Posts: 60 โ˜…
    If your still looking I have space for all 4. Would love to chat. Line ID is yodaclimber
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    nienienienienienie Posts: 67 โ˜…
    Sent you a line message if you're still looking and want to chat. ๐Ÿ‘
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    BadahBadah Posts: 263 โ˜…โ˜…
    If you are still looking, contact me in game, the name is also badah. We are a stress free Ally, with minimal communication. We just want people who want to play. AQ map 5, AW we balance between gold3 and silver1.
    Ally tag is AWAVG
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