What is this?

SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 666 ★★★
On my road to act 4 exploration I ran into this. Can someone pls explain it to me?


  • Noob_Master69Noob_Master69 Posts: 243 ★★★
    Yeah some of these weird paths happened to partly explored quests when they decided to re-do act 4, nothing you can do really, just gotta do it again
  • Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 2,151 ★★★★★
    Some time ago, Kabam consolidated Act 4 quests and reduced the total number of paths. As a result, some previously completed paths look wonky because that path as it was no longer exists.

    You’re good to just explore as you normally would, you’ll still have less to do than you would have if you’d explored prior to the merging of these paths.
  • SlayinAliveSlayinAlive Posts: 666 ★★★
    Oh ok thanks guys! I'll run it again rq
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