how much a minimum TBHR and prestige required to get in alliance gold 1 or above nowadays?

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wanted to know since in the past the standards were incomparable to now (what I usually see in global chat)
TBHR=Total Base Hero Rating
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    Most common I see is like 12k prestige and those in plat don't care too much about your TBHR.

    It is going to be different alliance to alliance where you might see plat 4 alliances requiring 15k prestige to join.
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    Just go to alliance recruitment and you'll see the requirements.

    Usually it's 12-13k for G1

    14k+ for plat

    And obviously you have to be a good player.
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    Your rating isn’t important.

    Prestige is and roster depth are.

    I can’t say what would be required as there’s so much variance in the gold bracket from smaller alliances pushing war and getting gold all the way to huge AQ alliances that don’t care for war and just make a token effort.

    From your question I would say you probably fall into the former category. My advice would be to build your roster, war probably isn’t your most effective use of effort at the moment. Get yourself a decent AQ alliance and work from there.
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